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Category Archives: 3D Printing

It used to be that you needed a large factory to produce things like bikes and cars. Now, you can do it with a printer. A printer? Yes, a printer. Every 3D object is a combination of 2D layers. Special … Continue reading

3D printers are becoming increasingly common, as are the items that can now be printed using the machines. As the technology continues to improve and prices continue to fall, we should prepare ourselves for a new revolution in the way … Continue reading

It’s the stuff of science fiction – almost like the replicator machines on the hit T.V. show Stargate SG:1. You tell the computer what you want, and it builds it for you instantly. While current 3D printing isn’t quite that … Continue reading

The concept of 3D printing has extended the possibilities of product design allowing modern day designers achieve their creative aspirations. This revolutionary technology opens up the door to mass customization of common consumer products allowing customers to add their own … Continue reading

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