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Amazing 3D Printed Objects: Our 5 Favourite Creations

The concept of 3D printing has extended the possibilities of product design allowing modern day designers achieve their creative aspirations. This revolutionary technology opens up the door to mass customization of common consumer products allowing customers to add their own touch to their everyday items. 3D printed objects are also pushing the boundaries of innovation as prototypes can be developed inexpensively with materials suitable for final manufacture. Resins Online have made a list of 5 amazing 3D printed objects:

 1) Custom Headphones
Image Source: http://pinterest.com/pin/509891989031700652/

Ever have trouble finding a pair of headphones that suit your style? Industrial Designer Brian Garrett based his university thesis on the possibilities mass customization using rapid manufacturing and 3D printing. Brian’s headphones give his customers’ the ability to completely personalise the headband of the product with unique text. The text typically includes lyrics and song text from the customer’s favourite bands displaying an intricate snipped of their musical tastes.

2) Personalised Guitars

 Image Source: http://pinterest.com/pin/210543351302328817/

3D printing has given guitar designers’ an unprecedented level of control over the design and customization of the instruments they create. Cubify  sell a range of personalised, intricately designed guitar bodies based on the appearance of detailed structures such as spider webs & honeycomb. These eye-catching creations don’t come cheap though with designs ranging from $3000 to $4000!

3)  The Fuel Efficient Car

Image Source : http://solidsmack.com/fabrication/3d-printing-urbee-eco-car-jim-kor-design/

US-based manufacture RedEye On Demand has announced that its new fuel-efficient, 3D printed car – The Urbee – will be on the country’s roads in two years.  This revolutionary vehicle is made up just 40 thermoplastic parts in comparison to the hundreds of parts needed to build a traditional car. The Urbee eco car aims to maximise miles per gallon through the benefits of lightweight construction – one of the core pillars of 3D printing technology.

4) The Light-Weight Track Bike

Image Source – http://megadeluxe.com/videos/bike-frame-with-3d-printed-lugs-by-ralf-holleis

Weighing just 4.9 kg, this track bike is truly an engineering feat. The gold lugs are 3D printed which connect the black carbon fiber tubes with style. This method of bike production – pioneered by Ralf Holleis – has drastically reduced the time taken to build custom frames. The style of the connecting lugs can be designed and styled to personal taste and geometric patterns can be generated effortlessly using the latest 3D production software.

5) Audio-Reactive LED Speakers

Image Source: http://pinterest.com/pin/156077943308481483/

These stunning 3D printed speakers come with an integrated audio-reactive LED system which glows and pulses along with the beat of the music. Designed by staff members from Autodesk, the speakers are built from flexible 3D Printed material which has excellent acoustic properties. A rubber base holds the diamond shaped projections in place and also reduces reverberation.

Let us know what you think in the comment section below and leave a link to your favourite 3D printed objects.

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